Ruijie & Reyee 2023 Global Channel Partner Summit, themed "All in Cloud, Light the Future," kicked off on May 11 in Istanbul, Turkey. Over 600 partners from all over the world gathered to discuss cooperation with Ruijie.

Zhongdong Liu, Ruijie's President, opened the summit with a video speech. His speech highlighted that Ruijie achieved more than 100% annual growth in the past three years, and that Ruijie would continuously focus on research and marketing to support partners better and achieve win-win success.

Zhongdong Liu speaking at the summit

Patrick Zhu, Ruijie's Vice President, shared Reyee's business overview, business model, and future strategy. From rapid sales growth, precise marketing insight, to the channel sinking strategy, his speech presented a panoramic view of Ruijie's business and inspired every partner at the summit.

Patrick Zhu speaking at the summit

The summit presented a number of awards, including Best New VAD Awards, Best Sub-D Engagement Awards, Best Backpack & Workshop Promotion Awards, Best Industry Development Awards, Best Service Support Awards, and Best VAD Awards.


Best New VAD Awards: VISIOTECH (Spain), SYSCOM (Colombia)

Best Sub-D Engagement Awards: TESAN (Turkey), BRIGHT WIRES (Saudi Arabia), NHA AN TOAN (Vietnam)

Best Backpack & Workshop Promotion Awards: Spollex (United Arab Emirates)

Best Industry Development Awards: Vitel (Turkey), istc (Vietnam)

Best Service Support Awards: ERGOCOM (Israel), SAMCOM (Thailand)

Best VAD Awards: DepoNet (Turkey)

Winners shared their success stories through videos, presentations, and interviews. Shuang Sheng Xu Zhan, the CEO of Visiotech, presented his success in sales growth, as well as his reasons to cooperate with Ruijie. Nguyen Huyen Thanh, Sales Director of Ruijie SMB Business Group, told how NHA AN TOAN helps Sub-Ds expand the local market through workshops.

Shuang Sheng Xu Zhan receiving interview at the summit

Nguyen Huyen Thanh speaking at the summit

Ahmet Ender Kefoglu, the CEO of DepoNet, impressed attendees with his vivid speech. He praised the product range, advanced features, reasonable prices, convenient cloud service, professional local team support, as well as efficient training provided by Ruijie, and stressed that the success of Ruijie and DepoNet was constructed on mutual believing and hard-working.

Ahmet Ender Kefoglu speaking at the summit

Dirk Yin, Ruijie and Reyee's Marketing Director, showcased Reyee's newly-launched solutions and products, including CCTV network solution, BYOD office network solution, hotel networks solution, home Wi-Fi solution, and their related products. All these scenario-based arrivals left attendees with deep impressions.

Dirk Yin speaking at the summit

Spark Chen, Ruijie Cloud R&D Director, introduced the 7.0 version of Ruijie Cloud from the perspectives of logo design, UI design, and functions. Meanwhile, he emphasized how the roaming, troubleshooting, and site survey functions on the APP promptly respond to user demands and efficiently solve actual problems.

Spark Chen speaking at the summit

John Hou, Ruijie Deputy Manager of IMD, unveiled three new Ruijie product lines that support cloud management, including switches, wireless, and firewall. His speech delves into the unparalleled user experiences of Ruijie cloud-managed products in the new era of Cloud.

John Hou speaking at the summit

Chris Zhu, Ruijie Product Business Development Manager, shared Ruijie's newest e-Lighten optical solution and SD-WAN solution, and detailed how the two have improved in cost control, deployment difficulty, and transmission speed compared with the traditional solutions.

Chris Zhu speaking at the summit

Jim Qu, Ruijie Deputy Manager of IMD, brought up Ruijie Reyee's 2023 new marketing and support program, which features six dimensions, ranging from technology partner cooperation, social media matrix, marketing support, partner enablement, engineer certification, to self-service platform.

Jim Qu speaking at the summit

During the break session, floods of attendees gathered at the exhibition boards and discussed with Ruijie staff about products' details and further cooperation. When the break session ended, many were still hesitant to leave.

Attendees discussing with Ruijie staff

Attendees discussing with Ruijie staff

In the era of Cloud, Ruijie commits to strengthening cooperation with partners to achieve mutual success, and exploring the global market to light a brighter future. All in Cloud, Light the Future!