Ruijie Reyee announce new partnership with Enterprise WiFi management software Vendor Antamedia

Beijing, China, MARCH 2024 – Ruijie Reyee proudly reveal the business cooperation with leading intelligent WiFi management software vendor, Antamedia. This development to the enterprise network construction and advanced WiFi management growing portfolio will allow customers access to a wide range of easily customiziable, cost effective, readily available solution.


Antamedia is the Enterprise WiFi management software that runs in a Cloud or on-premise Server, manages multiple businesses and all AP vendors in one platform. It’s scalable, without hardware appliances, connects all business locations, and provides seamless user roaming. Antamedia solutions are deployed since 2001 in over 50000 businesses, such as telecoms, retail, hotels, restaurants and cafes. It outperforms other solutions with performance, ROI, and a great customer support service.


Together with the powerful Antamedia Enterprise WiFi manament software, the full range of Reyee EG series router can flexibly deliver comprehensive solution with features including Bandwidth control, WiFi Marketing, Customer Surveys, Social Login, PMS integration, Email, SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns, Voucher and Credit Card processing, Internet Service Billing, etc. The integration of cloud and on-premise portal authentication can adapt both the WISPr protocol and Wifi-dog protocol, allowing customers to effortlessly experience a smooth and stable network with the all benefits that bring both Antamedia and Ruijie Reyee. This brilliant integration aligns with specific customer WiFi requirements and the capabilities of existing network infrastructure. Refer to the following Reyee product insider for a more detailed beneficial statement:

In addition, Ruijie Reyee and Antamedia boast a more powerful Cloud-based management platform, which simplifies the process of managing and diagnosing large networks. Moreover, they offer a web-based AI design tool, allowing customers to easily design large-scale networks, using hotspot applications to achieve optimized WiFi services. These groundbreaking features will provide an augmented service for many customers globally.

CEO of Antamedia, Mr. Vladan says on the announcement: ” Ruijie and Antamedia spent great effort and jointly developed the advanced solution, the router & WiFi authentication integration was done successfully for both Start Hotspot (which is Antamedia cloud platform) and Enterprise WiFi (which is Antamedia on-premise platform) , and provided extensive support for both new WISPr and old WiFi-Dog protocols. Both of the platforms and protocols now worked perfectly, and the combination created more advanced collaboration features. Antamedia sees a big value in Ruijie products & solutions, great TCO and included lifetime controller cloud access. We believe that our partnership will bring great benefits for both Antamedia and Ruijie customers worldwide.”

Ruijie’s commitment to customer satisfaction is perfectly aligned with AntaMedia's own dedication to their valued clients. Their cross-domain integrated solution, huge technical precipitation and global marketing discovery potential, paired with the global comprehensive post-sale support, opens fantastic new opportunities to those wanting to explore decent network products and diverse WiFi features.

Form an alliance with Ruijie Reyee

Founded in 2003, Ruijie Networks is an industry-leading network infrastructure and solution provider. With numerous remarkable achievements, including No.1 in Wi-Fi 6 product shipment, No.2 market share in the Chinese Enterprise WLAN market, No.3 market share in the Chinese Ethernet switch market. (IDC data) Ruijie Network is committed to fully integrating technologies with applications to creatively solve customers' problems and promote social progress.

Reyee is a sub-brand launched by Ruijie for the SMB (small and midsize business) market. "Reyee" means "Redefine your easy network". Reyee provides a full range of switching and WiFi products, including switches, routers, wireless access points, and network security devices. We offer products suited to all verticals, and are especially strong in entertainment & hospitality, local authority, education, and enterprise.

In the direction of informatization construction and industry digitization, leveraging Ruijie Networks' profound technical strength and experience in ICT infrastructure, network equipment, cloud desktops, and other fields, Ruijie establishes long-term, stable, and in-depth strategic partnerships with its partners to enhance product synergy, deepen business cooperation, and achieve high-quality development together.

Ruijie collaborates with partners to share multidimensional advantages in business, technology, and marketing in their respective industry segments, achieving cooperation consensus in information sharing, product integration, technological innovation, cross-regional collaboration, and more. Together, we provide globally customers with feature-rich, cost-effective products and services tailored to their needs.



More About Antamedia

Antamedia has been dedicated to delivering specialized business software to companies, global corporations, and governments worldwide since 2001. With initiation of assisting sole proprietors in fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams and have since maintained a personalized customer care ethos for all the clients, regardless of size.

Whether you are searching for a software solution for a major hotel chain, a medium-sized business, or a startup, Antamedia products are designed with your specific needs and concerns in mind. The software operates independently and can be centralized, providing scalability for international expansion with a simple interface, which eliminates the need for expensive staff training, constant upgrades, and compatibility issues.

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